Không mở được properties của my computer


You can use the following six methods to xuất hiện Windows 10 Computer Properties (i.e. System Properties).Bạn đang xem: Bị lỗi lúc vào properties trong my computer

Video guide on how to open Computer/System Properties in Windows 10:

6 ways to mở cửa Computer/System Properties in Windows 10:

Way 1: Turn it on via This PC"s context menu.

Bạn đang xem: Không mở được properties của my computer

Step 1: Right-click This PC, & select Properties from the menu.


Tip: The file Explorer"s context thực đơn can also help achieve the goal.

Step 2: Choose Remote settings, System protection or Advanced system settings in the System window.


Note: This step is a must-do procedure & it won"t be repeated in the methods below.

Way 2: open it via This PC và keyboard shortcuts.

Tap This PC, & press Alt+Enter on the keyboard.

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Press Windows+Pause/Break on the keyboard.


Way 4: mở cửa System Properties via searching.

Type system in the search box on taskbar, và select System in the result.


Way 5: Turn it on in Control Panel.

Access Control Panel, choose System and Security and then hit System.

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