One piece chapter 926 spoilers: luffy, kid come out from hippopotamus guard’s mouth with old man

As expected, we managed khổng lồ grab the early spoilers for One Piece Chapter 926. If you’re wondering how is Luffy doing inside Kaido’s prison, this chapter will show you what’s going on.

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Before you continue reading, please be reminded that this post contains One Piece Chapter 926 spoilers. Also, we would like to lớn clarify that this website does not create or take part in the making of this spoilers. Spoilers are found from different sources across the mạng internet và were posted here for discussions.

One Piece Chapter 926 Spoiler

In a certain town in Wano, there are lots of people who look like a samurai. These samurai looking people have marks of the Kozuki Clan. Usopp, Penguin, and Shabỏ ra approached them to give sầu hyên a newspaper with a drawing made by Kinetháng. Meanwhile, Nangươi and Shinobu are following a samurai but they were discovered so they immediately escaped using Shinobu’s power.
In Kaido’s prison, both Kid & Luffy are enslaved by carrying big stones while they are chained by Seastone handcuffs. During their launch, the two compete with each other. An angry hippopotamus guard came & come after Luffy và Kid by swallowing them. However, maybe Kid or Luffy punched the hippopotamus inside which makes hyên falls down. The two came out of the mouth and interestingly, they brought an old man outside.In addition, apart from Kid và Luffy, this chapter also reveals that Caribou, one of the infamous rookie pirates during the reunion of the Straw Hat Pirates at the Sabaody Archipelago after the time skip.

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One Piece Chapter 926 Raw Scan

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One Piece Chapter 926 Raw Scan

One Piece Chapter 926 Release Date

This chapter is expected to lớn officially release on November 30th in Jump Issue #53. While there are websites that you can read the manga online, we strongly encourage everyone to read it from the official distributor.Featured image:
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