PAGE CONTENT:Overview of "Windows Cannot Be Installed to lớn This Disk MBR"How to lớn Fix "Windows Cannot Be Installed to This Disk MBR"Cause of "The Selected Disk Has an MBR Partition Table"

Solutions on this page work to fix Windows cannot be installed to this disk MBR in Windows 11/10/8/7. Go and see how to fix this error on your own

Overview of "Windows Cannot Be Installed to lớn This Disk MBR"

The issue "Windows cannot be installed to this disk MBR" indicates the error message "Windows cannot be installed to lớn this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition style." It may appear during the Windows installation process & you cannot install Windows successfully unless you solve it. Another similar error is "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition table." This article will tell you how to lớn fix them accordingly and why these errors occur.

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How to Fix "Windows Cannot Be Installed lớn This Disk MBR"

How bởi you fix "Windows cannot be installed lớn this disk"? The error message itself has given the answer: change MBR to GPT. Then how can you convert MBR khổng lồ GPT? There are three methods.

TipBoth Method 2 và Method 3 will erase all your data on the target volume. If you want lớn try these two methods, please make a full backup on an external hard drive.

Method 1. Convert MBR to GPT without Data Loss

First, we"d lượt thích to recommend an easy & handy tool - Partition Master. It will help you to create a bootable USB/CD packaged with the utility, with which you can boot your computer và then use it khổng lồ change the disk from MBR khổng lồ GPT. Most important, you can convert the disk without deleting any existing partition & erasing any data.

Key features of Partition Master:

Convert between MBR và GPT easily và freely.No data erasing or partition deleting during the converting process.100% secure. Approved by authorized agencies like SOFTPEDIA, PCWorld, Techradar, etc.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

Step 1. Prepare a disc or drive, like a USB drive, flash drive, or a CD/DVD disc. Correctly connect the drive to a bootable computer. Then, launch Partition Master, find the "WinPE Creator" feature & click on it.


Step 2. Choose USB or CD/DVD according to the device you connect khổng lồ the computer, then click "Proceed".


Step 3. Connect the WinPE bootable disk khổng lồ the computer. Restart your computer and press F2/Del at the same time khổng lồ enter BIOS. Set to boot the PC from "Removable Devices" (bootable USB disk) or "CD-ROM Drive" (bootable CD/DVD) beyond Hard Drive. Press "F10" khổng lồ save and exit.

Step 4. Launch Partition Master again. Right-click the MBR disk that you want lớn convert & select "Convert khổng lồ GPT". Then, you will showroom a pending operation.


Step 5. Click the "Execute Operation" button at the top-left. Next, click "Apply" and begin lớn convert the MBR disk khổng lồ GPT.


There is a đoạn clip tutorial about how to lớn interconvert between MBR và GPT disk with Partition Manager. Take a look và try khổng lồ convert MBR khổng lồ GPT without data loss.

Method 2. Convert MBR to GPT with Disk Management

You can also convert the disk type in Disk Management on your computer. Besides, khổng lồ delete a volume, and to extend & shrink a volume are also available with Disk Management. Please follow the steps below lớn see how to convert the disk from MBR to lớn GPT. This method involves a volume deletion. Please make sure you have made a full backup.

Step 1. Enter Computer Management.

Go to Control Panel, head lớn Administrative Tool, & choose "Computer Management". You can also right-click "This PC", & choose "Manage" to lớn enter the Computer Management.


Step 2. Delete the Target MBR Volume.

Click "Disk Management", you can see all your disk volumes here. Right-click one volume & choose "Delete Volume". Repeat the process lớn delete all the volumes.


Step 3. Choose Convert to lớn GPT Disk.

Now right-click the MBR disk and choose the option of "Convert lớn GPT Disk".

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Method 3. Convert MBR lớn GPT with Diskpart

If you attempt lớn install Windows via the Windows installation DVD or USB, you can also apply it khổng lồ convert MBR khổng lồ GPT. However, this method will erase all the existing files on the disk. If you prefer to lớn avoid data loss, you need to lớn use Method 1 or back up your files on the disk with the tệp tin backup software - Todo Backup. To make a backup of the MBR disk, you also need lớn create a bootable device via the software.

Step 1. Turn off the PC và put in the Windows installation DVD or USB.

Step 2. Boot the PC from the DVD or USB.

Step 3. In Windows Setup, press "Shift + F10" khổng lồ start Command Prompt.

Step 4. Enter the following command in order lớn convert the MBR disk to lớn GPT:

diskpartlist diskselect disk 1 (choose the disk you want to lớn install Windows on)cleanconvert gptexit

After entering the above command, close the Command Prompt & continue the Windows installation. 

Notice:Most of the computers running Windows 10 tư vấn the UEFI firmware with BIOS-compatibility. On computers like that, you can also change UEFI to BIOS mode khổng lồ fit the MBR disk.However, on Windows 11, or with the error message that contains "On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed khổng lồ GPT disks" which suggests that it"s UEFI-based firmware, you can only convert MBR lớn GPT khổng lồ fix the issue.

Cause of "The Selected Disk Has an MBR Partition Table"

The error message itself has already given you the reason why Windows cannot be installed on the MBR disk. That"s because your computer has an EFI system, which is not compatible with an MBR disk. It means your computer"s hardware doesn"t allow you khổng lồ boot from a disk with the MBR partition table. However, many users have confused about what the MBR partition table is, what an EFI system is, & why can"t Windows installed on an MBR disk on an EFI system. Here are the answers.

What is an MBR Partition Table

The partition table decides the layout of the hard drives like an HDD or SSD và tells Windows how to lớn access the data on it. MBR partition table is a traditional partitioning method that supports disks with a maximum form size of 2TB. Besides, MBR has a limit that you can create at most four primary partitions on the MBR disk.

Contrary to MBR, the GPT partition table is a newer standard for disk partitioning. GPT supports disks larger than 2TB và has theoretically no limit on how many partitions you can create on the disk.

Both MBR and GPT are the frequently used partition styles on computers. For more introduction, refer khổng lồ the article about MBR vs GPT.

What is EFI

Most of the computers use either of the boot mode: BIOS or UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). The EFI, Extensible Firmware Interface, is the name of the partition that stores the UEFI boot files.

Why Cannot Windows Be Installed khổng lồ the MBR Disk

MBR disks use the standard BIOS partition table và GPT disks apply UEFI. That means if your computer has the traditional BIOS firmware, you should install Windows on an MBR disk. Similarly, if the computer is UEFI-based, you can only install Windows on a GPT disk.

You are now clear about why the prompt saying "Windows cannot be installed khổng lồ this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table." appears. That"s because you are trying khổng lồ install Windows on an MBR disk on the computer which has UEFI firmware, which is incompatible.

The Bottom Line

The only solution khổng lồ "Windows cannot be installed lớn this disk MBR" is lớn change MBR khổng lồ GPT. Khổng lồ get it done, you can either use the partition tool - Partition Master or Windows installation DVD/USB, depending on whether you want to keep the files on the MBR disk. Hope this article can help you solve the problem successfully.

Related Questions

There are some hot issues related to lớn MBR disk you may be interested in.

"How vì chưng I change MBR khổng lồ GPT?"

If the computer can boot properly, you can change MBR to GPT via Disk Management. If your computer cannot boot, you can use Partition Master or Windows installation truyền thông to convert MBR lớn GPT.

"How vì I get rid of the MBR partition table?"

The partition table is necessary lớn use a disk. Thus, you cannot simply get rid of the MBR partition style. Instead, you should convert it lớn GPT if you don"t want it.

"Can Windows 10 installed on MBR partition?"

Whether you can install Windows on MBR or not depends on the firmware of the computer. You can Windows 10 install on MBR partition if the computer is BIOS-based or UEFI-based with BIOS-compatibility.

"Can Windows 11 be installed on MBR disk?"

No! Actually, Windows 11 requires secure boot mode which only works on UEFI boot mode, và as UEFI boot requires GPT disk type, you"ll need lớn convert the OS drive into GPT before installing or upgrading to lớn Windows 11.