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Foodies, listen up! You’ll never find more beautiful shots of gourmet dishes than those in This Is Not What I Expected, which is streaming on Netflix now. Seriously, don’t watch this movie hungry. In my personal experience, it will make you wish you had anything better than a bag of sad microwavable popcorn on hand.

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Derek Hui’s directorial debut tells the story of a stern businessman & a capricious chef who start out at odds and end up falling in love. The Chinese film does not tell an original romantic story, but it delivers these characters with so much flash and style that you’ll almost forget about the more predictable rom-com tropes at play.

Also, watching this film will completely change how you make instant noodles forever. I now feel lượt thích a gastronomic expert every time I tear into a package of fifty cent ramen.

In This Is Not What I Expected, Takeshi Kaneshiro plays Lu Jin, an uber-rich CEO who travels khổng lồ Shanghai in order lớn acquire a rustic hotel for his company. It’s in & around this Shanghai location that Jin meets Gu Shengnan (an absolutely electric Zhou Dongyu!), the quirky sous-chef at this boutique hotel.

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But! Here’s the catch! Jin doesn’t realize that Shengnan’s a chef. For the first half of the film, the germaphobic CEO only sees the scattered Shengnan as an annoying troublemaker.

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It isn’t until later, when Shengnan’s true identity is revealed, that the two can actually get about the business of falling in love. These tender & silly scenes are some of the best in the film. It’s heartwarming to lớn watch opposite personalities clash và then eventually mesh. Yes, you’ve seen this exact plot lượt thích twelve times before. Just don’t overthink it, & enjoy the cinematography.

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Speaking of which, what binds this eclectic film together is director Hui’s inspired use of color and light. You won’t believe how some of these shots pop, even on a dim máy tính xách tay screen. Expected is an absolute feast for the eyes that offers up glittery primary colors in a similar vein to lớn La La Land. (Ah! Another predictably sweet love story propelled by style.) Where La La Land stops, however, Expected pushes through, giving us exciting CGI hallucinatory trips and visceral food/sex analogies. There’s no singing in Hui’s film, but it wouldn’t feel out of place among sizzling pans and a bustling kitchen.

I absolutely recommend this endearing film for your next Netflix watch. Incredibly goofy and predictably heartwarming, This Is Not What I Expected is as decorated as a meal at a five-star restaurant, but it goes down as easy as comfort food.

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