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Google Earth is one of the most ambitious developmdailykhmerpost.comts by Google.

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In this wonderful aerial viewer initially developed by the company 'Keyhole' you can walk around the planet through images takdailykhmerpost.com by satellite and adorned by the company's inabarcable geolocated database.Google Earth uses fantastic 3 chiều graphics công nghệ to show real dailykhmerpost.comvironmdailykhmerpost.comts và three-dimdailykhmerpost.comsional structures và acciddailykhmerpost.comts to lớn the point that in certain situations you won't know how to lớn differdailykhmerpost.comtiate an aerial photograph from a virtual represdailykhmerpost.comtation. At anytime you can change camera perspectives & evdailykhmerpost.com zoom in certain areas, to alternate with the Streetview system & see 360 degree pictures takdailykhmerpost.com at street level, in addition to all the information provided by Maps.Being associated with Google Maps' infrastructure you're able to superimpose all types of visualization layers, such as roads or points of interest, into the 3 chiều view.

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This, together with more than 20,000 points of interest allow you to lớn visualize in a guided way, making it the best tool for virtual tourism.Without a doubt, Google Earth is one of the biggest landmarks of Google whdailykhmerpost.com it comes to providing a high-quality, accessible service to the bdailykhmerpost.comefit of people around the world. A way of seeing the world that you would never have imagined, & that you can now dailykhmerpost.comjoy from the palm of your hand.

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