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Jung Sang-hoon "Wedding ceremony 1000 guests during the obscurity...Jo Jung-suk surprise celebration" (Stars" top Recipe at Fun-Staurant)

Stars" đứng đầu Recipe at Fun-Staurant" Jung Sang-hoon recalled Wedding ceremony, where 1,000 guests gathered.

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KBS 2TV "Stars" đứng đầu Recipe at Fun-Staurant" (Stars" đứng top Recipe at Fun-Staurant), which will be broadcast on September 24, will be followed by a 32nd thực đơn development showdown on the theme of "Shrimp".Among them, the new chef Jung Sang-hoon, who collected the topic with his first appearance last week, invites his best fellow musical actors Jung Won-young, Baek Ju-hee and Lee Chang-yong.It is expected that the meeting will be held with delicious food and honest conversation.

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Those who visited Jung Sang-hoon"s house for the housekeepers enjoyed Jung Sang-hoon"s dishes, admiring the salad prepared by Jung Sang-hoon in a short time, the Nakkkuksad ginseng (a pork belly with pork belly), & the Lamb Crown.Baek Joo-hee, who ate the dish that Jung Sang-hoon had cooked, talked about his old friend Jung Sang-hoon và said, "I have seen it since my debut, but Sang-hoon is very consistent.“I live really hard,” Jung Sang-hoon said, recalling the days of obscurity, when everyone lived fiercely at the beginning of their debut.

The topic of the conversation naturally led khổng lồ the Wedding ceremony that was held in the unknown days of 2012.Jung Sang-hoon surprised everyone by saying, "There were about 1,000 guests at the Wedding ceremony."Jung Sang-hoon said, "It was a difficult & difficult time because there was no monthly deposit before marriage." He thanked many people who supported him by visiting Wedding ceremony.Lee Yeon-bok said, "I have lived in a real world because there are a thousand passengers."


Kang Hyung-seok, who was pure, turned into a ruthless...""Cong Min-jeong" and a full-fledged love line? ("Hometown Cha-Cha")

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Steel, where the pureness & the charming charm of actor Kang Hyung-seok coexist, was unveiled. Kang Hyung-seok is playing the role of Choi Eun-cheol, a police officer at a resonance police box, who has a sincere and serious personality in everything in the TVN Saturday drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Eun-chul appeared as the first guest of Yun Chi-gwa & captured the heart of Mi-sun (Kong Min-jung). Although he gives favors to the unpaid, the straight dash gave the drama a fun khổng lồ realize with the strange và harmless charm that he could not notice. And last week, in the broadcast, he politely refused to lớn confess, and he was attracted to his own beliefs, which were more attractive because he was rustic. However, Eun-chul, who refused to lớn confess to lớn Mi-sun and caused many viewers' sadness, visited Yun Chi-gwa in the 11th broadcast yesterday (the 2nd) và received scaling, conveying an incomprehensible word to lớn Mi-sun, & made her smile and raised curiosity. As the u

Singer yang ji-eun has revealed a neat atmosphere. The monthly magazine "Woman Sense" released a photo interview with Yang Ji-eun, who was selected as "Jin" in the TV Chosun "Miss Trot 2" (hereinafter referred lớn as "Miss Trot 2") following singers song Ga-in and Lim Young-woong on June 25. In the open photo, Yang ji-eun dressed in a simple mood costume and gave a neat atmosphere. "I have been a tín đồ of someone, but I have never thought that someone will be a tín đồ of me," said Yang Ji-eun, who said of his changed routine after winning the Miss Trot 2. Yang Ji-eun also revealed why he turned from Korean classical music khổng lồ trot singer. “The recovery period has been prolonged after kidney donation to my father, who was sentenced khổng lồ a deadline for diabetes complications,” he said. "When I thanh lịch songs, I had to forget the music because it was difficult to vị Korean traditional music that was powered by Danjeon," he said. "I accid

Choi Jung-yoon posted a photo on her Instagram on the 6th. In the photo, Choi Jung-yoon is posing with a neat short hair style và wearing a white blouse. The luxurious atmosphere catches the eye. Meanwhile, Choi Jung-yoon is married to Yoon Tae-jun, the eldest son of the 2011 Vice Chairman E-Land and from the group Eagle Five, và has a daughter Yoon Ji-woo.

Director Hong Ji-young attended the 26th Pusan ​​International Film Festival (2021 BIFF) Photo Wall held at the Haeundae-gu Film Hall in Busan on the afternoon of October 6. The opening film of the 26th Pusan ​​International Film Festival held in Haeundae, Busan from October 6th to lớn 15th is directed by Lim Sang-soo as 'The Country of Happiness'. It is the road movie of Namsik (Park Hae-il), who suffers from rare incurable diseases, và the prisoner number 203 (Choi Min-sik), who is the time limit wife. The closing film was selected as the Hong Kong film "Maeyeombang" (director Lung Rokman), which đơn hàng with the biography of Hong Kong's legendary singer and actor Maeyeombang.
On the afternoon of the 13th, an online production presentation of JTBC's new tree drama 'a man who looks lượt thích you' was held. Director Lim Hyun-wook, Ko Hyun-jung and Shin Hyun-bin attended the production presentation. Ko Hyun-jung và Shin Hyon-bin have photo time ahead of the production presentation. Photo: JTBC Offers
row when water comes in. Netflix, which has been hit by 'squid game', is spurring all-weather 'utilization'. Recently, subscribers have posted Netflix key characters in the character selection group that they can choose with their representative profile. This profile danh mục includes the main character Lee Jung-jae, Jung Hyo-young, Park Hae-soo, & Ha-joon, as well as the progression agent wearing a three-square-shaped circle mask, và the 'Young Hee doll' appearing in the first game 'Mugunghwa Flower'. Even with the sweetness and painting, the actors in the 'squid game', all the symbols & costumes have proved khổng lồ be very popular all over the world. Meanwhile, Netflix has partnered with Walmart lớn start selling various goodies such as 'squid game' t-shirts. Netflix has also sold 'squid game' t-shirts for $ 39.99 & hoodies for $ 49.99 at its own online shop. This time, it will build a 'Netflix Hub' at Wal-Mart's online
Singer and Actor Son Dam-bi set to start winter preparations Son Dam-bi posted a picture on his SNS on the 11th with an article entitled "Winter Preparation". In the photo, Son Dam-bi, who wears padding and takes a mirror selfie, added cuteness by sticking hairpins on both sides of his head. Especially, even if you wear padding, you can see the slender body toàn thân of Son Dam-bi. Meanwhile, Singer and Actor Son Dam-bi is appearing on the IHQ entertainment program 'Sister Thorne!'
'Squid Game' Actors were also deceived by the kém chất lượng SNS of 'Kanbu Grandpa' Oh Young-soo. While 'squid game' has swept the world and has received explosive attention from the SNS of the performers, SNS account, which is presumed to be Actor Oh Young-soo, who plays the first participant and the oldest performer, Oh Young-soo, who was the đen film of the game, attracted the attention of netizens. The account introduced itself in the profile section, writing 'Hello Korean Actor Yeongsu Oh' in English. The post said, 'My interview coming soon' and raised expectations for his activities. In particular, Lee Jung-jae, the star of 'squid game', tagged the account directly with a photo taken with Oh Young-soo on his SNS, và the number of followers of the trương mục increased rapidly, exceeding 60,000 followers in three posts. Oh Young-soo's SNS trương mục ended with impersonating happening, but in fact, thanks khổng lồ the global craze of 'Squid Game
On the 20th, Choi Jung-yoon posted a picture on Instagram with an article entitled "#Happy Chuseok in a neighborhood where no one is in the wind." Choi Jung-yoon in the photo is smiling at the camera with a muffler in the autumn atmosphere. I can see my đáng yêu daughter on a bicycle. Choi Jung-yoon recently returned to lớn acting in six years with SBS daily drama 'Amor các buổi party - Love, Now'. Choi Jung-yoon married Yoon Tae-jun, who was four years younger in 2011, & had a daughter; Yoon Tae-jun is an idol and the eldest son of the Ealand Foundation's chairman. Photo: Choi Jung-yoon Instagram