Infinite challenge


Recently, it has been revealed that Shin Se Kyung will be appearing on “Infinity Challenge“ and people have been wondering how so many top stars got recruited lớn appear on the show.

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What is the reason that “Infinity Challenge” (IC) is the one of the only variety shows that gets đứng top celebrities, who are usually hard khổng lồ see, to lớn join them? What strategies does IC use for recruitment?

1. Win Their Favor With Touching Events

Last May, Jo In Sung gave his first greetings after his military service discharge on IC. It was during the “Crew Special” episodes và Jo In Sung showed a stronger sense of variety show knowledge and wit, which gave viewers many laughs- his comeback was quite a success. 


The reason IC could bring Jo In Sung on phối was because of the touching sự kiện from the production staff. The IC team put up a banner that said, “Jo In Sung’s Comeback Masterpiece – What Happened In Misari” (Misari is the name of a place where the crew episodes took place) và warmly welcomed back the handsome actor. Jo In Sung gave his appreciation by saying that he was an IC fan more than a SNSD fan, which touched the entire IC team. 

(Banner: Jo In Sung’s Comeback Masterpiece – What Happened In Misari)


2. Make Far-Fetched Rumors and Say, “Come On Our Show If You’re Mad!”

Following Jo In Sung’s appearance were the So Ji Sub episodes, which received explosive reactions. Due to lớn Jung Joon Ha’s injury, So Ji Sub made two appearances on the show. He participated in the “Classic Games” episode & showed great sense of variety skills as he didn’t shy away from being physical during the games.

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IC has been sending lovecalls to So Ji Sub for a long time and finally, he came because of the rumor that Noh Hong Chul started on the show. 


Last April, during one of the “Crew Special” episodes, Noh stated, “So Ji Sub recently broke up with his girlfriend. If you’re mad, then come on the show yourself lớn explain,” as he persuaded So Ji Sub khổng lồ join them on the rowing team. And to everyone’s surprise & delight, So Ji Sub actually did come on the show và said it was to lớn punish Noh for saying such far-fetched nonsense. 


3. Receive An Assured Response Of Appearance Over The Phone

Not too long ago, during the “Rained In Special” episode, another đứng đầu star promised lớn appear on the show. Noh Hong Chul boasted that he and Lee mãng cầu Young are drinking buddies. He revealed that she wanted khổng lồ come on the show. Because of a sudden storm, the members of IC created the “Rained In Special” và began to điện thoại tư vấn up their friends. Noh Hong Chul called Lee mãng cầu Young. But because it was too late & too sudden, Lee mãng cầu Young couldn’t make it but she promised the members that she will definitely appear on the show in the next chance. 


There’s no way of knowing when exactly Lee mãng cầu Young will come on the show but viewers firmly believe that they will get lớn see her on IC. 

“Infinity Challenge” never ceases to create fun và interesting ideas lớn recruit đứng top stars. So it’s only natural to lớn feel excitement and high anticipation for the next đứng top stars that will appear on the show. What đứng top stars would you want khổng lồ see on “Infinity Challenge?”