How to send and receive dms on instagram from a computer

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You can access your direct messages from any page. Meira Gebel/Business Insider

3. You"ll be shown all of your active conversations. Click one to xuất hiện it, or start a new one by clicking "Send Message" or the pencil-and-paper icon.

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There are two ways khổng lồ start a new conversation. Meira Gebel/Business Insider

4. When starting a new conversation, begin typing in the name or username of the person you want to message, or select an account from the danh mục of "Suggested" users.

5. Type your message into the text box at the bottom, and then select "Send."


You can also press Enter or Return khổng lồ send it. Meira Gebel/Business Insider

Once you"ve sent a message, you can click the three dots next to lớn it & then click "Unsend" to take the message back.

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Once you unsend a message, the message will be removed from the chat, no matter if the recipient has seen it or not. There"s no time limit for unsending messages on Instagram.


You can "Unsend" a message at any time. Meira Gebel/Business Insider

You can also delete an entire chat conversation by clicking the "i" icon in the top-right, và then selecting "Delete chat." Note, however, that this only deletes the chat on your end — the recipient will still be able lớn see it.

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