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I was partially sad, however it merely hyped me up further (Literally took some time off work to lớn watch this, & will again next week) & they did at least omit the ED visuals for more screen time. Not sure if they'll omit the OP or ED next week though.

Adorkable indeed!

lol With both Veldora và Millặng I'm pretty sure Long family linneage predisposes them genetically to dorkhook và it's awesome.

Veldora is a true Long of culture.

Now I'm just imagining uncle/niece bonding time with Milyên where they're just geeking over manga & fighting games.

Hadoken 10x to lớn 1x Shoryuken then end with 1x Tatsumaki Senpuu kyaku. Somebody toàn thân good with the game tell me pls if this is a viable strategy lol.