Install windows 10 v 21h2 using windows update assistant


The rollout for the next is still some days away but if you can’t resist the urge of getting your hands on the latest version of Windows 10 on your Windows 10 device, you can tải về it using Windows Update Assistant. Windows 10 Update Assistant can help you configure Windows 10 Feature Update on your PC. Besides installing the updates, it will keep your system secure & provide the latest features & improvements. The program can be easily deployed to lớn Windows 10 PCs that have not yet had the latest update installed.

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Install Windows 10 v 21H2 using Windows Update Assistant

The entire process of running the tool is quite simple. You can run the tool yourself by just visiting the Windows 10 software download website và following the instructions on the site for installing the latest version of Windows 10.
All you need to vày is visit Microsoft.comNext, hit the ‘Update now’ button visible on the pageThe 729 bytes exe file will be downloaded lớn your computer.When you run the tool, you will see the main screen of the tool.It will let you know if you are running the latest version of the Windows and whether your PC is capable of running it.Click on Update now to lớn start the tăng cấp process.
The tool will run a few compatibility checks for your PC and disk space required for installing the update.If all appears well, the Update Assistant will ping Microsoft servers.

It will offer you two options,Upgrade this PC nowCreate installation mediaChose the first option.The main highlight of the whole nâng cấp process is that all your files will be safe và right where you left them. Also, if the method does not work, you can go back to lớn a prior version of Windows 10 anytime.

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The install will take some time và your PC will restart several times. The best you can bởi vì is minimize the tool và continue to bởi your work.In the end, when the process is complete you could either choose to restart the PC the right way or after some time to lớn allow the changes to take effect.
If you are not aware which version of Windows is installed on your system & if you are eligible for the Update you can easily kiểm tra by clicking the Start button, selecting ‘Settings’ option, navigating khổng lồ System and selecting ‘About’.Check the About window to lớn see if you are eligible to install the latest version.PS: The post has been updated for Windows 10 21H2.


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