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English Diabolik Lovers translations focusing mainly on the games. Will also translate drama CD tracks & magazine articles related khổng lồ DiaLovers upon request. Current request status: CLOSED // Art in header by sinamira

Translator’s note: I nearly screamed the first time I listened lớn this track. They really went there, huh? This track just has a bunch of feels & mindfucks. I honestly did not know what to think after it. In the past, I’ve always found Ayato’s CDs khổng lồ be a bit‘lackluster’ compared to lớn the other characters but since he is always the first character to lớn have their CD released, he does get the element of surprise.

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Track 3: Awakening

*Rustle rustle*


*Rustle rustle*

“…Chichinashi. Oi! Can you hear me?”

“Phew…Thank god. You actually woke up…This seems lượt thích a dream. Your complexion had improved as of late, so part of me grew hopeful, but still…I didn’t think you’d actually…I can’t believe this! vì you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this moment? …Say, vày you know where you are?”

“Where vày I even start!? (1) …No, I guess it’s normal you don’t know what’s goin’ on. You idiot. Ever since we went to lớn the lake that night…Fifty whole years have passed, you see?”

“Guess I can’t blame you for bein’ shocked. But that amount of time has definitely passed. I’ve watched the years go by after all. Day after day, sittin’ here by your side…At first I was at a complete loss. I’m sure I looked lượt thích a fool, but I carried you around to various places. Ones which held memories khổng lồ us. Thinkin’ that maybe that would trigger your awakening. ーー That’s not all. I did absolutely everythin’ within my power, until all there was left for me was khổng lồ pray. Knowin’ very well such a thing didn’t suit me, for a whole fifty years I continued. That’s why…I still can’t quite believe this. I won’t let you claim you’ve forgotten about me.”

You gọi his name.

“I’ll give you props for rememberin’. Well, I guess it makes sense. A mere fifty years are over in the blink of an eye for us Vampires. My appearance has barely changed either. I should still look the exact same as back then in your eyes.”

You suddenly flinch.

“What’s wrong? Does somethin’ feel off? Or are you in pain? If not that, vày you feel sick in any way?”

You explain.

“Ah…You’re worried about the way your hands look, huh? I told you, didn’t I? Fifty years have passed.”

You ask Ayato for a mirror.

“A mirror, huh? I don’t mind but…Don’t be too shocked, okay?”

He fetches you a mirror.


“Here you go. Will this do? …You might look a lil’ different from how you remember yourself though.”

You peek into the mirror và shriek.


“…It’s normal for humans to age, right?”

Ayato embraces you

“No matter what you look like, you’re still the same inside.”

You voice your fears.

“There’s nothin’ to lớn be afraid of. I’m right here with you. I watched over you for a whole fifty years, you really think I’m goin’ to abandon you now? Soーー Be a lil’ more happy! Kuh…Ugh…”

You ask Ayato what is wrong.

“Ugh…I’m…fine…It’s nothin’…Ugh…”

You reach out for him.

“Kuhーー! Stop it! Don’t cảm biến me! …No, I’m sorry. I’m fine, really. You don’t need to lớn worry about a thing. …Haah, haah…”

You ask if he is thirsty.

“…Guess you could say that. Makes sense after goin’ fifty years without a single drop of blood. But I’ve already grown used to lớn this pain. It’ll settle down in a sec…Kuh…”

You offer your blood.

“Don’t tell me you’re…Don’t be ridiculous! Cut it out!”

You insist.

“Stop! I don’t need it anymore! …In the past, I would have surely fed off you without givin’ it a second thought, but I’ve changed. I’m satisfied just knowin’ you’ve finally woken up. I won’t ask for anythin’ else, so don’t grow so desperate. I’ll be…just fine.”

Ayato gets up & stumbles towards the door.


He turns his head.

“You stay there…Just worry about yourself instead. It doesn’t…matter what happens to me…as long as we can be together. That night by the lake, you told me, didn’t you? That all you wanted was to relax together. …Your wish is about khổng lồ be granted. After fifty long years. Let’s finally go và watch it together. The sun risin’ above the lake. Okay? ーー…


“…Chichinashi!! Oi! …Guess I should just let her sleep for now. What is goin’ on, for real!?”

Ayato scratches his head.

“Ahー None of this makes sense! Did I go overboard perhaps? …Actually, before she lost conscious…she was actin’ sorta off, goin’ on about how humans don’t live that long…How they can’t live forever. That’s…! Well, she did have a point. You’ll obviously be the first to…Still, it won’t happen right now, will it!? Oiーー! …Oi, I said! …Fuck! Chichinashi!!”


“Don’t just be snoozin’…! mở cửa your eyes…!”

*Rustle rustle*

“I bet you’re just pretendin’ lớn be asleep, right!? Quit playin’ ‘round! Hey!”

*Tap tap*

“Don’t show me that sloppy sleeping face of yours! I’m gonna doodle on it! bởi vì you want that, huh!?”

*Tap tap*

“No use, huh? …Then how‘bout this!? I don’t mind makin’ some mind-blowin’ takoyaki for you! It doesn’t even have to lớn be takoyaki. Your favorite dish! While I’m at it, I’ll take you khổng lồ whichever place you’d like to visit as well! Right! The sunrise we didn’t get to lớn see by the lake! Let’s go watch it together! I’ll keep you company for hours on end! So…So hurry up and mở cửa your eyes already! Look around! Look at me…Hey…I’m beggin’ you…Please!!”

You slowly open your eyes.

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You immediately start inspecting your hands.

“What…? What’s wrong? Is somethin’ the matter with your hands?”

You sigh in relief.

“Oi. Why vì chưng you suddenly feel relieved?”

You explain.

“You had a weird dream? Haah…I don’t get it. Bởi you know just how worrーー …Whatever! Fuck…! If you’re fine, get up already! Who gave you permission to lie there passed out?”

You apologize.

“Hmph! …A single sorry won’t save your ass. …Ugh.”

You ask if he’s thirsty.

“What? Somethin’ wrong with that? …I told you I’ve been more thirsty than usual as of late, haven’t I?”

You offer your blood.

“Heh. …You’re tryin’ to lớn get back on my good side with your own blood? …No thank you.”

Your eyes widen in surprise.

“Whatcha so shocked about? I don’t want it. …I’m not in the mood. I no longer need your blood. Bet you’re happy your wish came true, huh? You wanted this, didn’t you? A peaceful time together.”

You appear khổng lồ be in shock.

“Oi…What’s wrong? You’re not gonna faint on me again, are you? Give me a break already!”

You beg him to feed off you.

“…!? What are you doin’? Why vì you want me to lớn suck your blood so badly?”

You explain.

“Haah…? You want khổng lồ be useful khổng lồ me? What has gotten into you? It’s like you’re an entirely different person.”

You tell Ayato you can tell he is suffering because of you.

“…Ugh. Don’t be ridiculous! You think I’m sufferin’ ‘cause of you? Are you delusional? Stop talkin’ lượt thích you’re special. You’re not the only person on this planet who has blood pumpin’ through their veins.”

You try and protest.

“Stop. …I’ve heard enough.”

You offer your blood.

“I just told you I won’t suck your blood, remember?”

You beg.

“Cut it out! …The fuck’s goin’ on?”

You ask why he won’t suck your blood.

“I’m not in the mood right now. …Well, I’m leavin’ then. Seems lượt thích you’re healthy enough to complain at least.”

You ask him khổng lồ wait.

“Shut up! I can go wherever I want! …For one, didn’t you hear me when I said I don’t need your stupid blood anymore? I’m done with you. Don’t you dare show your face before me ever again!”

Ayato leaves.


“…Kuh. …Fuck!!”

He punches the wall.


“…I thought she was a goner for real. …Actually, what am I even so afraid of!? Kuh!!”


“…I won’t suck her blood. Never again. …If I don’t do this, sooner or later she’llーー… Fuck!”



Translation notes

(1) Literally he says‘You really think there’s a‘how’ or‘what’?’
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