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Zheng Yi Sao (aka Ching Shih, Cheng I Sao, Ching Yih Saou or Mrs Cheng, d. 1844) was the chief of a massive pirate confederation which plundered the South china Sea in the early 19th century. She inherited the role from her late husband...

São Tomé and Principe are islands located in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. They were uninhabited before being colonised by the Portuguese from 1486. So involved were they with the slave trade, they became known as the Slave Islands where...

The 16th century São Sebastiao Fort, São Tomé, West Africa. The fort was built when the island was a Portuguese colony.

Ghost stories were the earliest khung of literature in ancient China. They were almost certainly part of a very old oral tradition before writing developed during the Shang Dynasty (1600 - 1046 BCE) and they continue to be popular in China...

In this article, we look at the lives và deeds of seven notorious women pirates. There is Teuta, the Balkan enemy of ancient Rome; Alwilda, the Scandinavian princess who chose a life of crime on the High Seas; Maria Lindsey, who terrorized...
The Book of the Duchess is the first major work of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer (l. C. 1343-1400 CE), best known for his masterpiece The Canterbury Tales, composed in the last twelve years of his life & left unfinished at his death...
A 1665 maps drawn by Johannes Vingboons of the island of São Tomé in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. The island was a Portuguese colony from c. 1486 khổng lồ 1975. (National Archives of the Netherlands)
A depiction of the Hindu Creator god Brahma. The god is frequently depicted with four faces representing safety, fortune, blessing, và compassion. Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The Azores (Açores) are a North Atlantic island group, which was uninhabited before being colonized by the Portuguese from 1439. The Azores were strategically important for Portuguese mariners khổng lồ use as a stepping stone to lớn progress down the...

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